The Do’s And Don’ts Of Effective Feedback For Future Leaders

In the past, it was thought that feedback helped build leaders, their teams and the right kind of relationship between them to help accomplish corporate tasks. However, there’s been a little modification in the idea. It’s not just any feedback that creates leaders; it’s the most effective feedback that works.

The effectiveness of feedback, underestimated at first, has become increasingly important in creating the right leadership in Emirati organizations today regardless of the size of these organizations. In addition, the right leadership goes helps identify individuals who could go on to fill leading positions in the future.

The Do's and Don'ts Of Effective Feedback For Future Leaders

Providing the most effective feedback for future leaders is an art that only few can master. Opt for professional companies providing leadership training to help train future leaders and to provide useful feedback. The article highlights the Dos and doesn’t of effective feedback for leadership training.

Do’s And Don’ts of effective feedback for future leaders

Feedback is an essential part of training. When it comes to leadership training, it becomes even more critical because future leaders are learning, fixing their mistakes and improving to ensure that the organization remains functional.

Read on to know about the do’s and don’ts for effective feedback for leadership training of future leaders:

 The Do’s of leadership training

  • It is important to know how much the trainees think they have learned from the session. Ensure that you’re clear and precise. And point out specific aspects of the behaviors and make sure feedback is not only measurable but also actionable.
  • It’s important to consider only the behavior and performance shown when assessing and delivering feedback. Avoid assuming!
  • Provide immediate feedback, along with post-session feedback. Although many trainers have a reason for waiting but it’s always a good idea to provide feedback soon after the session when everything is fresh.
  • Remember the three V’s when giving feedback; verbal, visual and vocal. Quite often it’s not just what’s being said but also how it’s being said which needs consideration when delivering feedback. It’s always received well if you keep your tone neutral during feedback sessions.
  • Remember feedback doesn’t have to be a monologue. Allow trainees time to respond to the feedback you’ve just given to them. Chances are they might have something important in mind that you may have missed out on.
  • Since UAE firms have a diverse workforce, ensure consideration of different cultural values and norms. In addition, if you want to keep it effective, learn some cultural aspects of the trainees to connect with them in the feedback sessions
  • Documenting the session is essential. Written notes and recorded tapes are essential for any feedback session for training leadership or otherwise.

The Don’ts of leadership training

  • During the feedback session avoid words like “but,” or “however” since they’re often considered negative. Instead, use phrases like “would you agree” or “what if” to invite them into the discussion and to voice feedback.
  • Avoid using the “Oreo cookie feedback” – where what needs to be corrected is expressed between any positive observations or feedback. The start and end, of course, need to be positive and end on a high note.
  • It’s important not to drown the receiver in information. Provide them with a limited amount of information, after prioritizing the important aspects. It should be something they can absorb and a few actionable points in each session.


Giving effective feedback for leadership training is an extremely critical skill because the session deals with future leaders of the firm. However, feedback dispensation can be learned and developed to make it more effective for the trainees and to allow them to retain the information they learn.

Opt for the companies providing leadership training in Dubai and allow your trainers to learn how to give feedback the right way!

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